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Auto Spam

Moderators: Got this commercial spam in my PM box:

auto repair questions
Hi there,
You’re interested in auto repair stuff. Would you mind to answer 4 questions & reply back. We’re hoping to get some feedback on this and your help would be much appreciated.
1. If you were looking for specific automotive repair schematics, diagrams, step by step etc. and you could receive it by email, within 24-48 hours, would you be willing to pay a fee for the service? Yes No
2. What price do you think is fair $
3. If you own or are buying a used vehicle, what would you pay to receive by email, the Safety Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins for it? $ or No interest
4. What would you pay for information by email, that states if your used vehicle has had any of the Safety Recall(s) repaired on it? $ or No interest
Is there any other auto info that you would find useful to obtain easily & quickly?
Thank You for Participating. [email][email protected]
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I don't use the mailbox, so I don' t know.

My answers would be to them: Zero. Buy Alldata or the factory service manual. Cheaper and better than what they can provide.

How's that?
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Did you send a copy of that to Tom and Robert? That's a nuisance! Especially in a PM!


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