Flood on purge throttle body 89 Dodge


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Unhappy Flood on purge throttle body 89 Dodge

'89 Dodge Van 250, 1 ton, 5.9 Liter, engine code Z, throttle body.
1 yr ago engine ran rough intermittently. Mechanic rebuilt engine, but the problem persist. Recently I begin investigating the fuel system and discovered the passenger side injector in the throttle body was occasionally dripping instead of spraying. Then took the injector out and cleaned the nozzle with cleaner, and added cleaner to the fuel tank, cleaned plugs, changed air filter. This did not solve the problem. The next day I changed the injectors with new. From then on the engine would not start. I took the codes from the computer and it referenced injectors not responding to signal being sent to the injector driver. Also at this point on moving the ignition switch to on position I noticed that both injectors were flooding the throat with fuel, aproximately 5 cc of fuel. Also upon turning ignition off and then back to on, I noticed the idle control had kicked forward about 1/2" and then returned about 1/4" and injectors flooded again. I Changed the fuel pressure regulator... same continued. I then put a "Noid light" on the injector wiring circuit from computer and cranked engine no light responce. I do not show any purge solinoid in the book or relay position identification. I sure could use some help.
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No light response=no power to the injectors. Check your grounds carefully and barring that have the computer tested and if fault is shown, have it rebuilt.

Tell us what you find.
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most throttlebody injected vehicles will pulse the injector once when the key is turned on this is normal, the injector driver code may be set due to having the injectors unplugged with the key on the computer can detect an open circuit such as when the injectors are unplugged, have you checked for spark?
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