I have replaced the VATS, but it still acting like it's broke


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I have replaced the VATS, but it still acting like it's broke

see other theard about vats from me . I have replaced the vats ign andkey but it is still not leting the starter kick over . it all started after a braking noise came from my colum. when I replaced the ign and dealer key i notice that one of the wires was broke . I thought all rite that the problem , and i put the new one in. but it is still acting like it broken (peaking at all the instaments on my panal when I turn the key). any idea's why
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Don't split posts, use the reply button.

Again, fix the broken wire and tell us what you find when you fix it. Nothing more we can offer until you fix that wire.
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perhaps something else is broken in the column that small wire is not something you would hear when it broke into, have you tried pulling the ignition switch the electrical ignition switch and trying to start with a screwdriver, just make sure the key is in the ignition when trying to start the car manually,
have you checked for power out to the starter solenoid field terminal and confirmed that it isnt getting power to the starter you may want to start there if you havent.
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Repair the wire. Have you checked all your fuses and I believe the one marked ENG CNL provides voltage to the VATS decoder. If this is an automatic will it start in neutral? Are there any lights coming on, on the dash like a "security" light? Have you tried pulling the error codes off the computer as some VATS problems will store codes?

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