93 Cavalier automatic transmition


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93 Cavalier automatic transmition

I have a 93 cavalier with a 3 speed automatic transmition. I ran into some problems with the torque converter locking up and traced this problem to a faulty torque converter solinoid (lock up solinoid). Now that I have replaced this, the transmition seems to shift funny. It turns high rpms before shifting. Does it sound like my new solinoid isn't locking the torque converter? Or did I do damage to the transmition while it was bad? I didn't drive it after the converter stayed locked and the car stalled. The fluid is the proper level but needs to be changed I'm sure. Any suggestions?

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Pull the converter clutch plug out and see if that solves you problem. If it does, leave it disconnected. It won't harm much. It's disconnected on my 89 Cavalier THM125C like this (and my car is a 26k original).

The problem with these are no such much bad solenoids as internal valve body leakage, which you likely didn't address.

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