Test waterpump 93 tercel


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Test waterpump 93 tercel

My standard, twodoor, 93 toyota tercel, has been experiencing a noticeable loss of power.A couple of days agoIcleaned the plugs and replaced one fouled. Last month the car began to have breif episodes of slowing, Icould feel a resistance in the motor for no more than a second at a time. Most of the time seemed to drive perfectly. Two days ago on my way to the auto shop for oilchang air filter and plug wrench, Seconds after entering interstate and accelerating to 60 mph the car automatically slowed and Iwas forced to drive most of the trip at 40 in third gear. After new stuff engine sounded and felt smoother but loss of power still there.
thefueleconomy is way low as well.
Does this sound like a water pump and how might I test my waterpump?

If not water pump,what else might I look for? How can I test?
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when was the last time the fuel filter(s) been changed?thats what it sounds like to me .the might be a little off,also but,try the fuel filters
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Doubt it's the water pump unless you have a coolant leak/loss.

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