95 ford escort?


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Unhappy 95 ford escort?

Deceleration takes a long time,
what sensor detects deceleration?
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You have to be more specific on the problem and the symptom.

Does it feel like the throttle is sticking? The engine racing? Does it just feel like a stick shift that is always in high gear? Mileage? Engine size? Auto/manual? When's the last time the tranny saw any service? Maintenance history?

etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,etc, etc, etc, etc.
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ford escort lx 1.9
auto trans
70,000 miles

i guess you could say that it feels like the throttle is sticking, if i rev it up then release the gas pedal it takes 6-10 seconds to go back to idle,
or say i speed up to a stop sign and try to stop on a dime, i can feel the pressure of the engine rpms on the brakes,

its not a terrible problem but i think it should be faster to go back to idle, otherwise the car runs fine, idles ok, plenty of power, no warning lights on ect.

the trans was recently serviced and is working great.

new parts,

iac valve
o2 sensor
timing belt
spark plugs
pcv valve
fuel&air filters
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Clean out the throttle body with the Ford approved cleaner. Follow the links and posts below in my signature file for how to pull trouble codes.

There is a chance of a misadjusted or bad downshift cable if so equipped as well. I want to say some of those models had a problem where a clip fell off.

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