Valve stem caps...stuck...


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Valve stem caps...stuck...

Greetings...frustrating situation here. A few months back, I purchased a set of Ichiban valve stem caps (brushed aluminum...normally I don't even go near after-market products...but these just looked fairly nice with my Protege5's stock aluminum rims)...long story short, after about 2 months of driving around in a New England winter, all four valve stem caps are completely fused to the valve stems.

It's frustrating...i've tried soaking them in white vinegar to loosen them up, and i've tried the ole "twist'em with pliers" technique, both to no avail. Does anyone have any tricks or techniques for loosening up frozen/fused/corroded caps or screws like this? I'm really not so concerned about "saving" the aftermarket caps, as they've pretty much proven themselves to be quite worthless...but, thanks in advance for any tricks you might be able to share!

- Tim
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darrell McCoy
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Thats why I stick to plastic caps. You can take a dremmel tool with a saw blade attachment and "very carefully" split the alum caps enough to get them loose. BTW, lugs nuts and alloy wheels will also seize in the same manner.
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Thanks Darrell...I actually hadn't thought of using that tool...i'll have to locate one and give it a whirl.

And I'll also chalk this up as a "learning experience," never again go with metal valve caps. I guess this begs the question: why on earth would anyone sell metal/aluminum valve caps if they seem doomed to fuse like this?

Thanks again...
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Whatever they ask for those silly things is that much too much. Stock plastic black caps look great and perform even better. LOL.

Put a vice grip on it, soak the piss out of it with WD40 and it should break loose. May damage the valve stem in the process though.

I agree with Darrell on the lugnuts. Most aftermarket rims in my opinion are tacky and ruin the look of the car.

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