CV joint/axle


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Question CV joint/axle

I have a '96 Buick Skylark with 3.1L engine. I am trying to determine if the noises i am hearing are caused by the CV joint or the transmission. There is a knock or rattle type noise on the drivers side during acceleration, but not so much when turning or coasting. While under the car it was hard to determine if the noise was coming from the transmission or the joint. It seems that the joint is leaking a little now but im still not sure if it's actually causing the noise. Could a bad cv joint or axle cause the transmission to knock or rattle during acceleration? When the noises first started the joint did not appear to be cut or leaking.
Could you please give me some advice on the situation??

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darrell McCoy
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How many miles? If the joint boot is leaking, it is history. Does not take long to deplete the grease once it starts leaking. There goes the joint. More than likely it is a CVC joint. As well not try to reboot/regrease it.
Same time and procedure to just replace it with a new or remanufactured system. If I were going to keep the car, I would replace both sides.
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Sounds almost like an INNER joint problem. (not so noisy when turning or coasting, but noisy upon accelleration). Is that the one with the leaking boot? I agree that if it's leaking, better replace it.
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As was suggested, replace both sides....

Also, I have found it more economical in the long run to replace the whole driveshaft as an assembly, rather than replace just the CV joint.

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