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Automatic SeatBelt


This is my first thread on this forum. I have been looking for a car forum like this for a long time and finally got lucky tonight. It seems like there is no car repair forums out there except this one.

Anyway, I just experienced a problem tonight. I have an Eagle Talon 1991. My automatic seatbelt will not retract on the driver side. This is the very first time it did that.

What happens is, when the door close, it automatically should retract the shoulder belt over my chest. When the door open, it suppose to move the belt away. All of this can only happen if the engine is turned on.

Do you think it is connected to a fuse by any chance or is it jammed somewhere in the track? It won't even move. The passenger side works fine.

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Can you hear the motor running? If not, may be a dead motor. If you hear the motor running and the belt doesn't move, the gear that moves the belt is stripped/broken.

It happened on my sister's 1990 T-Bird, but the dealer covered it free of charge. The repair procedure was very involved in that case and half the inside had to come apart.

I suggest a 25 dollar yearly subscription for the R&R and testing procedures on the system. Likely what I stated above.

Auto seat belts stink. I'll buckle mine myself thank you .
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I really appreciate you taking the time and make my first post welcome.

For some apparent reason, it did not do that today.

Very strange.

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What your describing happens on my Subaru once in a while. Usually I just close and open the door again and it rolls right out of the way. I think it is a sensor that may miss its mark on occasion?????? Anyway, I understand, from a trusted source, that these passive restraint systems are a PITA to repair.
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Thank you
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Alot of those use a door jamb switch to indicate when the door is open or closed. If this switch sticks or goes bad the seat belt motor has no idea of the door position and will not operate.
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Thumbs up

Very true.

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