1996 Dodge Intrepid ES turn signals/hazards


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1996 Dodge Intrepid ES turn signals/hazards

The other day I backed into my wife's 1996 Dodge Intrpid ES (approx 85,000 miles). The damage included a slightly bent hood (it still closes ok), and the drivers side headlamp/parking lamp assembly was destroyed (including the case for te headlamp, the case for the parking lamp and the bracker that holds both in.) Before replacing those parts, I checked and the bulbs for the headlight and parking light still worked fine. I also checked the turn signal and everything was working ok there too.

I did replace the headlight casing, parking light casing and bracket that holds both in. I had to move the plastic cover that covers the bumper to do so. I also removed the connections for the battery, just to be safe. After putting everything back together, neither the turn signals, nor the hazards are working. When I turn either the turn signal or the hazards on nothing happens (no lights or sounds). I checked the fuses and they seem to be ok. The bulbs for the parking light/turn signals are fine. Everyhitng else seem to be working ok (heater, power locks, power windows etc.)

I've been reading through previous posts and it sounds like the turn signal switch is bad. I will replace the flashers just to be sure, but my question is, could I have done something in the process of replacing what I replaced to cause the turn signal switch to go bad?
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if you have a small wire coming off of the battery positive terminal you may want to check it for any damage, did you check and make sure that there was no wiring damaged at the headlamp that you replaced.
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I don't remeber seeing a small wire coming off the positive terminal, but I'll check. Where would that small wire be connected to? I did check the wiring near the damage and everything seemed to be ok. Everything seemed to be connected properly and I didn't see are bare wire.
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Wiring likely got damaged by the accident. Check autolibrary.org for a diagram to follow and trace what BeJay suggested.
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Double check the fuses again(#3?) and then you could try disconnecting the wiring that goes to the parts you replaced and see if the turn/hazard signals start to work, if so you may have a problem with the new parts you installed.

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