Frozen Door Locks


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Frozen Door Locks

The key fits in the door locks ok but they won't turn. Would a squirt of WD40 in the locks help? Don'tcha just love winter? Thanks alot.
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Qualco and others make LockEase which is a defroster and graphite combination. Better than WD40.
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Frozen Door Locks

Thank you Joe for your response. I tried the WD40 thingy and apparently it worked to some degree. I got the doors open, but the stuff you mentioned sounds much better. I'll have to get some of that. Living in a winter wonderland (Colorado), I'll be able to put it to good use. Thanks again.
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count 3, pull d-ring

Might I recommend Ballistol, a product for weapons to keep 'em
operating in extremely hostile environments, and
dear to special forces types everywhere. Good
for doors and locks, too.
I believe you can look it up on the net.
Interestingly, lotsa gunsmiths also do locks, too.
But, as Joe says, graphite is excellent.
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Sure, that will work too. In fact, the LockEase can I have is SO old (it lasts forever), it states that it can be used on gun mechanisms.

Same idea...light lubrication without being oily or heavy.
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A weird but cheap solution

I have had the same problem with various vehicles. I have found that if the key doesn't ahve any plastic on it, you could stick the key in the lock and use a cigarette lighter on the key for a few seconds. This will thaw the lock.

Have a good one
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True, but unless you have a lighter on you, it will be difficult. Also, you want to lubricate the locks so they work freely .

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