85 S10 Blazer Radiator Opinion


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85 S10 Blazer Radiator Opinion

My Blazer runs a little warm (180 stat) around 195 degrees(mechanical guage). In the summer with the AC on, it would climb to 225+, AC off it would run around 210. I rebuilt the engine and boiled the block and heads myself. I replace the stat every year as PM. The radiator appears in good shape, new fan clutch, appropriate fan, new condensor. My question is, is it worth it to spend $45 and have the radiator boiled or should I just purchase a new one?
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Have it boiled out and if that reveals it's wiped, a new one is like 125 for that vehicle. My personal opinion? Pitch it if it's questionable. It could ruin all the work you did.
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My 2 cents Purchase a new radiator, most come with lifetime warrantys now. You might be lucky to get 90 days warranty out of the local boil job.

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