Temporary loss of power


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Temporary loss of power

1985 Mazda RX-7, GSL-SE, Fuel Injected.

The car will be driving along just fine and suddenly loses all power (the engine stammers then dies completely). It will restart, but has no power. The first time this happened, I added gas thinking that the fuel guage may be innacurate. After adding the gas, it started and ran normally. However, this was not the problem, since the guage reacted appropriately.

The same thing happened again, and I suspected pressure in the fuel system. When I opened the filler cap, pressure as well as gas was expelled.

Is there a pressure overflow valve or line that may be the culprit? Is this what a PCV valve does?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Replace the inline fuel filter and check the fuel pressure. You may have a fuel pump that on its way out or a partially plugged filter in the fuel tank. There may be some sort of pressure relief valve on top the gas tank or you might try replacing the gas cap. Not famalier with Mazda at all.
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Still works like any vehicle . Need spark, air and fuel for it to run.

As always, the basics are the first step .
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tom - a while back (2 months) i posted about a power loss. it was the alternator.

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