Rotating Tires


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Rotating Tires

Is there a certain rotation you would use when rotating your tires or does it make a difference?
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With radial tires I am told they should only be rotated front to back. Passenger side should always stay on the passenger side and driver side should always stay on the drivers side. I uderstand it has something to do with the carcus of the tire. Once a radial tire is broke in a certain direction it should not be changed. Some tires have arrows which would indicate the direction of rotation once mounted on the vehicle.

Good luck
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Front to back as noted by the other poster.
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I always thought you rotated tires in "X" pattern. If you look in most manufactors owners manual this is the pattern they show.
Or it least this is what my 97LHS & 2000 winstar & 94 Ranger manual show. And far as I know all new cars come with radial tires, right?
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Corvettes and other cars have directionally rotational tires. If you mount them on the wrong side, you'll get problems .

Follow the OEM car makers book. I usually go front to back.
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I usually rotate from front to back. I use to rotate it X but one of the guys from Discount Tires told me, it is good enough to rotate front to back.

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