79 F250 4WD (w/lift)


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Question 79 F250 4WD (w/lift)

I recently purchased a 79 F250 4WD, stock drivetrain, wheels and tires. Two owners previous to me installed a lift kit (suspension). The previous owner to me sold it to me cause' it rode like hell and kept breaking shock mounts. Upon closer examination, he used OEM shocks. Well needless to say, with the truck parked the shocks are about completely extended and just a little droop would snap the mounts. I have no idea how much lift is in the truck. I would say it looks like a highboy. Is there a formula in which I can determine the appropriate shock length?

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It always perplexes me why people do conversions like that without doing their homework.

I'd suggest you hit a Ford truck newsgroup (there are numerous) where people do this all the time and know the sources for the parts you need--you're on the right track.

My truck? I'd restore it to stock lift height. The dang thing is high enough and looks silly extended. If it's stock as is now otherwise, it's probably a nice truck and should be kept that way.
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As Joe suggests, you might try going to www.ford-truck.com for some answers.
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I would go to hoop type shot mounts, or at the very least weld triangle gussets to the ones you have. But unless you go with long travel shocks I would look at moving the shock mounting bracket down a little. You can measure full down travel with the shocks off. Put the truck up on jack stands take off the shocks all the way around to let the axel droop to full. You should find a shock that would ride in about the middle of its travel. You can measure full down travel with the shocks off. I would pick a shock that was adjustable to you can tune it to your liking. Ranch has 5 position adjustable shocks as well as Blisten. But why would he run stock tires with a lift? Also make sure the front dose not use lift bocks, they are a big no no in the front, but will work OK in the back but are not the ideal solution.

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