vacuum leak


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Question vacuum leak

I was testing the connector at the idle air vacuum housing on top of the throttle-body. 88 chevy--2.8L--mfi. There are four vacuum lines at the connector. I put grease on the line between the connector and housing, with the engine idleing. When I opened the throttle, you could see the grease being sucked-in. That is what I don't understand, manifold vacuum goes down when you open the throttle, not up, right? Do the vacuum lines pull out of the rubber connector? Can you just replace the rubber connector? That connector has four nipples on it, one for each vacuum line, the nipples plug into the vacuum housing. I thought about using gasket sealer on the nipples, plug in and let dry before starting. Any thoughts? thanks
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What's the actual problem with the vehicle and what are you trying to accomplish?
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Post vacuum leak

Yeah ,it sounds like you have a vacuum leak. I'd try some of that silicone sealer on the vacuum nipples, you were talking about. Plug back into the housing and let cure before starting, don't get it in the vacuum lines. I don't know if that four line connector is a dealer item or not? You might ask the local auto store. You probably need to take the car, so you can show them the part. A salvage-yard is another thought, but on a vehicle that old, they probably wouldn't have anything better. Just my thoughts

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