Cracked aluminum part


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Angry Cracked aluminum part

I have a 1991 Chevrolet Lumina Euro. 3.1V6, multiport fuel injection, automatic. I had to replace the coolant temperature sensor due to the cooling fans not working properly. The sensor is located on the drivers side of the engine right below the thermostat housing. The place were it screws in is part of the intake from the looks of it. After installing the new sensor as I was tightening it down the housing around the hole cracked At the moment this is a very small crack but it does leak water. I believe it runs all the way out to the beginning of the hole but I am not certain. Is there anyway for me to repair this myself? The suggestions I have had so far are JB weld, radiator stop leak, and some type of new aluminum soldering rod that just requires torch heat. I know it could be welded but would it have to be taken off the car? Would any of the suggestions work or can you help me out. This is a aluminum part and I figure the crack will only get bigger over time. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, John Cooksey
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Replace the part with a good used one. Repairing it might work for a while and then it may leak leaving you stranded.

3.1 intakes are as common as dog poo...

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