A few questions


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A few questions

I have a 1992 Chevy Lumina, with a 3.1L, V6, traverse mounted engine, 4 dr sedan. I have power windows. I have about 117,000
miles on the vehicle.

1. I recently had my driver side door replaced because the original was torn beyond repair. I had a door from another Lumina put on to replace the original door. The new door works fine but I can hear air flowing from the outside and if it rains, a little water may come through the door. what can I do to fix this problem?

2. Because of the door on my car being gray and the rest of the car is white, I need to get the door painted. Should I have the whole car repainted? Can I do the prep work myself and just have the body shop paint the car?

3. Given new cars prices today, I've been seriously considering having a new or rebuilt engine and transmision put in the vehicle.
The body is in good shape and I have recently put in a new battery, starter, and alternator and have done regular maintanence on the car which runs well. Any advice here is welcome.

Thanks in advance for any help, comments and advice offered.
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darrell McCoy
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#1. Door: Either the door is possibly sprung or just not aligned.
#2. If you are talking about preping the door yourself before taking it to get it painted, You will not save that much. Body shops have their own ways of doing things, and what you do will probably not be to their specs anyhow.
#3. Take in consideration of the "actual" retail value of this vehicle before you sink the price of a motor and tranny in it. Will probably be more than actual retail value of the car.
My 2 cents.
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I agree with Darrell. Drive it till it soaks you or pukes--whichever comes first. Then pitch it. These cars are lackluster and it's not worth a total rebuild job.

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