GMC antifreeze leak?


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GMC antifreeze leak?

1997 GMC 4x4 Xcab 1500 Sierra, vortex 350 w/67k miles.
I have to add antifreeze to the overflow tank every so often. I would guess approx. 6ounces every 500-750 miles or so.
I cannot visually see a leak anywhere, the oil is not foamy, heater works great and the engine parameters are normal.
My father-in-law told me that the intake manifold gasket is prone to leak on 350's, but I cannot see anything.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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He is correct.
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I am in process of changing intake manifold gasket due to leak on a 96 Tahoe 5.7L with 109K miles. Have you tried to pressurize your coolent system? It is very very hard to find, but with time and mirrors I could find mine after pressurizing the system with a little rental unit from the local shop.
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As you can see, it took me awhile to address this problem (the truck pretty much sits in the garage all winter-its my baby!), but I rented a pressure tester from Autozone (I had to pay a $75 deposit, which was refunded to me after I returned the tester).
After pressurizing the radiator to 16psi, I found a very small seep coming from the intake manifold gasket at the front/passenger side.
Now its time to finally fix this. THANKS DJENGR FOR THE GREAT ADVISE!

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I got a '98, same engine, same truck, 53k, I have had a very minor leak for some time, just never bothered me, and never really had to add fluid. It only leaves a small spot on drive way in real cold weather--other than that when it is warm or engine is hot--I never see anything! Course I was not aware of the intake manifold deal until now! Now it is going to bother me until I fix it!!--thanks!!

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