89 - civic hatch ,the whole car begins to shake


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89 - civic hatch ,the whole car begins to shake

i have an 89 civic, hatch back - 2 door ,manual transmission, 198,000kms .

When i hit 120 kmph, the whole car begins to vibrate and shake violently. The alignment has been done. The left rear tire is different in tread, but i suspect that's not the reason for it. Do the wheels need to be balanced.
please advise.
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I think you need to get the tires blanced.
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Rotate the tires and wheels front to back. If the problem goes away, it's wheel and tire related (missing balance weight, bent rim, bad tire, poor balance job, etc).

Start there and tell us what you find.
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If the tires check out good, look into the front struts for replacement.

Seen a bunch of this era Civics that seem fine but hit a resonance frequency that you think there has got to be something ready to fall off the front end. Tires and front end checked good but shaked like a banshee when you got to 60 mph( My internal mph to kmph translator in not working right now,so I can't guage how fast you are going,LOL). Struts took care of the problem.

But check the tires first.

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