brake shoes


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brake shoes

Hey guys, me again with the 91 blazer! After all we went thru with the mechanic and the abs front wheel prob etc. my son decided to change the rear shoes yesterday. When he went to put the drums back on, one drum barely slid on even when the slack adjuster was taken up all the way, whereas the other slide slid right on no prob. I inspected them myself and found nothing out of place, shoes tight against the pins on top and bottom...however, after inspecting the old shoes I see one has a longer pad than the other, so I assume he got them paired up wrong on each side..does the shoe with the longer pad go on the front side or rear side? since he changed both sides I have no reference point! I could adjust the 'loose side' about 1/2 inch before they got tight on the drum, allthough the old shoes all look th ebe the same length overall, just with different length of pads...thanks guys!
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From what I remember, it's "Big to the back". The one with more surface area goes to the back of the vehicle.

The problem is likely elsewhere in the system though...
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Short friction material length shoe is primary shoe- long friction shoe is secondary.
Primary shoe goes toward the front of vehicle.
Shoes are same length-will go on either way( both primaries on one side, secondaries on other, backwards, etc) but braking will not be correct.

If shoes are tight against the pins, I would assume that the park brake cables are free and released , correct?

There isn't a ridge on the drum preventing it from going over the shoe is there?

Make sure the shoes are centered on the backing plate.

Some aftermarket shoes seem to have thicker friction material on them than OEM shoes(must be the lifetime ones to cut down on warranty replacement, LOL), making it necessary to resurface drums.

Drums are true? Not bell shaped or out of round from overheating preventing them from going on?

Can't think of anything else off the top of my head right now.
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The problem was in the shoes...the longer pads are 1/8" thicker than the shorter pads. He had the longer ones paired on one axle so that side was 1/4" wider than the other side. We put the short ones on the front side and the longer ones on the backside..adjusted em the same and its fixed! We still have the problem with the left front abs and that wheel slides first when braking so we will probably go to a gm dealer for repairs on that one.
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You put the short pad on front? If so that would be the first one ever to have the short pad on the front. I have allways seen the long pad in front, I think you might have them on backwards, just cause it fits dont mean its right.

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