95 4wd BLAZER seized brake caliper on LF


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95 4wd BLAZER seized brake caliper on LF

I have a 95 blazer 4wd with ABS brakes and disks in the front.
Well I noticed my LF caliper was acting funny.
I was no longer able to compress the piston when I was putting in new pads. So I bought a new caliper. Bleed the 4 wheels.

I did notice upon bleeding the last wheel, the actual LF caliper I just installed, that the pedal did not go all the way down like the other wheels dead when I loosened the bleeding screw. (I had someone pump the brake and hold it while I opened the bleeders)

But I started the car, pumped it, loosened the bleeder screw on the LF, a shot came out, and I figured, OK, its bled. Its OK now.

Well I made sure I had brake fluid taped off, took it for a ride and notice it pulling to the drivers side a bit bring it home jack up the LF wheel and sure enough it is locked up and I even smell some burning.

Can it be my newly purchased brake caliper can be faulty?

Did I forget to do something?

Your suggestions are welcome!
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Replace both brake calipers and both flexible rubber lines. Rebleed the system and then tell us what you've got.

I suspect a clogged brake hose. Very common problem.
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Unless you had closed the bleeder screw while they had the peddle depressed and fluid was coming out, it sucks are back in the line.
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I just dont have the tools I need here since I moved.
I don't even have a good set of vicegrips anymore. I couldnt even get the darn rubber brake hose all the way off, just started to strip and round.

I gave it 2-3 days effort, but now its going to the garage.

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