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Thanks for your input

In reference to my recent post regarding the Windstar cooling problem, I was able to temporarily rectify the problem by changing the thermostat twice. The first termostat I tried was defective.

But now the nature of the problem has fully revealed itself in the fact that this vehicle has now blown another head gasket.

I have been informed by my local ford dealership's service manager that the 3.8 V6 had the head gasket problems for the model year 1995 only. He said the defective machine block/cylinder head design was changed in 1996 and that solved the head gasket malfunctons. I don't know whether or not to beleive him or beleive that all 3.8 engines are inherently junk.

I am now faced with the decision of investing to have the head gaskets replaced for about $1,000 or invest in a replacement engine with fewer miles. The engine with the blown head gasket now has @ 165,000 miles. Since I have already replaced the head gaskets about 1.5 years ago, I'm not sure if I want to take that course of action again. I really can't afford a newer van at this time and must find a way to make this one go again for a while.

So, my question is this: Should I find a used or rebuilt 3.8 engine of 1996 vintage, or newer, will it match the drive train & wiring harness in the 1995 vehicle?
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i have seen numerous head gasket problems on 3.8 liter engines both before and after 1995 model year so it isnt just a problem with that model year. to help make your decision you might consider the mileage on the current engine as to whether to fix engine or just replace it or to just trade it off for something else.
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3.8 liter Ford engine=junk no matter what shape, form, or model. Always a notorious gasket blower.

The Windstar is a lackluster vehicle, if it were me, I'd pitch it for something better. However, if you are into it for the long haul, get an FQR (Ford) rebuilt engine which will have all the upgrades and enhancements over the original.

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