power windows


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power windows

I have a 96 olds acheiva with power windows and sometimes they hesitate when going up or down. Sometimes I have to wait a few minutes and try again and then it will work and sometimes not. What could cause this to happen?? Sometimes they work great and then there are times when I can't roll them all the way up at all.
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I had similar problems in an old chevy. It was made better by removing the door panels and lubricating everything associated.
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Switch key on, hold window button in either up or down mode
and gently swing the door on its hinges.
If the window jumps a bit, you have a loose or bad wire in there.
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Thanks Dirty Dan!

I will try that ! Thanks for the reply.
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Qwincy Guy

I will try that one first before I go taking off door panel. That sounds like it may be since lately my car will start and run and then out of the blue it won't start, just click click and nothing, but if you wait awhile and try and start it again it will start no problem! First thought may be battery, we had just replaced starter and also cleaned off battery cables but about once or twice a week it will not start like maybe theres a short somewhere, don't know if this has any bearing on the window problems because they started way before this problem! Old cars,gotta love'm!!
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Clean the contacts on the switches---many times GM motors get lazy with age though.

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