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Unhappy gas in oil

While driving at a high rate of speed, I ran over something that tore up the underside of my '87 Olds Ciera. (2.8, MPFI)
BANG! The car sputtered the whole way home with the "check engine" light on.
The code shows an overly rich condition; and there is white smoke from the tailpipe, and an odor of gasoline. The crankcase has gas leaking into it, and fills to a quart overfull.
My question is this: will a rupture in the gas line (either feed or return) cause the fuel pump to over-pump, or has the impact thrown something else off, causing me to blow-up something else in my zeal to arrive home?
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Gas in the fuel on a multiport car is usually a bad pressure regulator. Check everything over thoroughly though.
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What does the smoke smell like? If it's sweet smelling, you have a blown head gasket (blowing coolant).
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Question reply/reply

Thanks for the quick response!
I have checked the exaust for the tell-tale sweetness and or moisture, but found no evidence.
Could the fuel pressure regulator (and it's vacuum) be fooled by a tiny hole in the fuel line? or could the vacuum line (pressure regulator) be dislodged by impact; and could this loss of vacuum be the cause of so much extra fuel?
I just have to think the impact caused the problem.

Thanks, Jay
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Do you also have a misfire?You may have one or more fuel injectors stuck open.
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closed return line

I can't help thinking that the cause of this problem must be the debris that tore up the bottom of the car. That's when the problem started.
Could the fuel return line be crimped shut from the impact? Would this cause the gas to back up and drain down the cylinders?
Thanks again, Jayster
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It could be. Pull the codes to see what's setting the check engine light.
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Just another thank you... seem to be on the right track with the fuel pressure regulator. I bungled the vacuum line, and forgot about the sticker under the hood! Couldn't see my way through by memory... creepin' old age.
I will have to find out about that return line, I still haven't done a full check underneath. Maybe even pinched the exaust, cuz she's still running rough.
The only code I get is a O2 sensor/rich. I think I better check to see that I didn't get the wires out of order, also. I can't wait to get good at this stuff!
A big thanks to everyone for the suggestions and help. TTFN

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