Ford CV Joint Replacement


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Ford CV Joint Replacement

I have a 1990 Ford Taurus that I noticed has both CV boots open to the elements. Its my kids car with over 125000 miles. I can buy the half shaft cv joints for $55.00 a piece and was wondering whether this job is one I should try to undertake in my garage on a weekend. I have some experience with mechanics but was interested if any special tools are needed that would preclude me doing this on my own? Whats your opinion--would I be over my head? Thanks fro any comments

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Yes it can be done, but you should pick up a repair manual to familiarize yourself with the procedure and see if it's something you want to undertake or not.

Change both shafts with rebuilts as you indicated. Best way.
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Tools Needed:
•Full Sockets
•Full Set of Wrenches
•Ball Been Hammer
•Pry Bar
•Breaker Bar
•Jack Stand
•A Couple of Cans of Break Cleaner
•Torx Tool Set
•Lug Wrench
•Flat Screwdriver
•Snap Ring Pliers

If you have never done it before it should take you about 6 hours. An extra set of hands would be nice and speed things up quite a bit.
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I did my first 1/2 shaft replacement last fall to my '86 Taurus. My advice is to follow the repair manual instructions. The only tricky part was separating the control arm assembly so I could free the 1/2 shaft out of the wheel hub. A long pry bar was very helpful. All told it took me 4 hours, when I do it next time it should take me about 2 hours.

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