88 Escort Fuel problems


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88 Escort Fuel problems

I posted earlier and recieved help on where the fuel relay was at. I found it-Thanks. My problem is still there. I changed the fuel pump and fuel pump relay, but there still is no 'juice' to the pump. What could this be? Anyone have an idea of what it could be? I'm at a loss. I have a Chiltons manual, but it doesn't troubleshoot the fuel electronics.

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You may have a pinched wire or other wiring problem, or a computer or ground problem.

Best bet is to spend $25.00 bucks and get yourself a year long Alldata.com subscription which will have the needed diagrams, R&R and test procedures.
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The fuel pump will not stay running unless the ECM(computer)sees that the engine is turning over. You should hear the fuel pump come on for a couple of seconds when you turn the key to "on"...do you?
After this if the ECM does not see a signal from the distributor that the engine is turning then the pump will remaun shut off. You need to get into your ignition diagnostics as you may have a bad module or pick up asm there?

Here's some basics from an 87 Model.

Description and Operation

Escort, Lynx, EXP, Tempo, Topaz, Sable & Taurus

The fuel tank on these models has an internal pump cavity in which the fuel pump and sender assembly rest. This design provides satisfactory operation during extreme vehicle operation.
The fuel pump is mounted on the fuel sender assembly within the fuel tank. This assembly includes a check valve which is located between the fuel pump and the outlet tube of the assembly. The function of this valve is to maintain pressure in the system after the vehicle is shut down. The fuel pump is protected at its inlet by a nylon pickup element. This nylon element filters dirt and contaminants which could plug or damage the internal pump components while at the same time, allowing passage of small quantities of water which may accumulate within the fuel tank sump. The electrical system has a fuel pump control relay which is controlled by the EEC-IV module, which provides power to the fuel pump under various engine operating conditions. When the ignition switch is in the OFF position, the contacts of the EEC-IV power and fuel pump relays are open. When the ignition switch is first turned to the ON position, the EEC-IV power relay is energized, closing its contacts. Power is provided to both the fuel pump relay and a timing device within the EEC-IV module assembly. When the ignition switch is turned to the START position, the EEC-IV module operates the fuel pump relay to provide fuel for starting the engine. After the engine starts, the ignition switch is returned to the ON position, power to the fuel pump is again supplied through the fuel pump relay. The EEC-IV module senses engine speed and shuts off the fuel pump by opening the ground circuit to the fuel pump relay when the engine stops, or when engine speed is below 120 RPM.
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If the Escort is anything like the Tempo, I would drop the glovebox door (squeeze the sides) and in behind there should be two relays. (might need a light to see) One is brown and green and one is black and brown. If I remember right I think the B&B is the fuel pump relay!!

Good Luck!! And let us Know, O.K.
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Just curious, on how you made out with the fuel pump relay???

Hopefully, you are up and running!!!

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