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Question EGR Valve

How can I get my egr valve working, cleaning or how do I know it's bad ? I've look at it and there was a lot of build up, I used carb cleaner, but I still have heistation especially when I turn on a/c. The service advisor at acura told me to spray down in the port and I 've done this. Should the valve stem move more freely up/ down ? It does not move freely.
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I don't believe these EGR valves are servicable, there is a insulation in the coil that will break down over time. (electronic EGR that is) Good luck
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Your valve is likely stuffed and no cleaning will restore the operation. Replace it with a suitable replacement.
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EGR Valve

Thank you for your reply, I come to find out through Acura that I have a 14 yr. warranty up to 150K due to some sort enviromental issues, they told me to take it to the dealer at no cost. We'll see what this is all about !!
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Not sure about the 14yr, 150 mile warrenty on the emissions, but I know the feds do mandate the manufacturers cover emissions related equipment past the normal warrenty. I had both cats replaced on a '86 5.0 mustang in 1993! due to a emissions related recall. And got a free EGR valve from the dealer for a '87 cavalier 2.8L in 1994! I think they would have installed it but it was so easy to replace myself.
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Smile EGR Valve

The car is at the dealership and it's being fixed all FREE!!
Plus I called Acura headquarters and notified them that I paid $249.44 for O2 Sensor/ and computer dianostics test to find which sensor needed to be replaced.
They told me to fax my receipts to them, my reply from them today, was that they're sending me a reimbursment check, do to the warranty !
That Extended Emissions Systems Warranty covers alot of parts.
There's no telling what all will be replaced as well as the recall's that were needed on my car.
They still have my car, tommorrow will be day 3, I think my car should be ready, I'm just waiting for the call.
But, I do know that everyone has treated me kindly and handled this like a car owner should be treated when they have a problem with their car.
My hats off to the professionalism that The Honda Motor Co. has presented to me and futher more will make me want to continue to own another car from them. NO HASSLE'S NO EXCUSES !!
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Jerry, that's great news! Be sure and write a letter or make a phone call the Honda about your satisfaction. They are only used to getting complaints, this will also grease your relationship with the dealer and they may remember you the next time you need a favor.
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Very true. I agree with Stevo. Talk is cheap. Use it to your advantage .
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Smile Happy Customer

Stevo2, Joe_F My car was picked up 03/21/03. Charlie Thomas
Acura of Houston, Tx. Did an Emissions update, Put a new Inition Kit in including S.Plug wires which are not cheap for my car. Changed my oil plus filter, Did Ball joint replacements, A/T Bolt update on transmission, and washed my car. ALL FREE !! My brother saw my car as well as inside and replied, your car looks like a new car!! But most importantly it runs like it's brand new
With a 160 mph gauge, trust me when it's running right, 120 is nothing as I found on my test drive and it's still under warranty
for another 47,000 miles. SEE YA !!

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