Adding ATF to fuel


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Question Adding ATF to fuel

Does anyone have any experience with adding ATF to the gas tank? How much ATF to gas? What was the benefit? Any reason not to add the ATF?
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Used to mix it in diesel fuel years ago to keep the it from gelling in cold weather - also cleaned the injectors. But they were
big, hairy, loud nasty Cumminses. Would not advise it for a modern gasoline engine
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ATF belongs in the transmission and gasoline in the fuel tank.

End of story.
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Does anyone have any experience with adding ATF to the gas tank? Yes, but used only on older cars that did not have fuel injection or catalytic convertors. Also used Marvel Mystery Oil and others.

How much ATF to gas? No set amount for ATF, I believe that Marvel Mystery Oil used to give directions on the can.

What was the benefit? Some upper cylinder and combustion chamber lubrication and carbon removal.

Any reason not to add the ATF? Yes, electric fuel pump damage,fuel filter damage, injection system damage, emission system damage and the list goes on. If you absolutely need to put an additive in your fuel, check with the manufacturer of the car you are driving.
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Of all the years I've been in the oil business, I thought I had heard them all!!! ATF in gasoline or diesel fuel???
I don't know of anything in ATF that would give any benefit.
I think it would be the same as most any over the counter additive for oil or gasoline - absolutely no benefit except in the mind of the person buying it.
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Have you ever poured water into the carb to get rid of the knocking sound that is created by a piece of carbon that falls off the combustion chamber and wedges between the piston top and head? It works. What you are implying is that the auto manufacturers that actually have additives and use them are also wrong and that their service bulletins are incorrect also?
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GM recommends Top Engine Cleaner for Cadillac Northstars. That stuff SMOKES!!! LOL. It DOES work.

While I agree with you on additives (I don't use any in any of my cars), there are some documented OEM cases where this is recommended---as Stevo said.

Also, ATF has been recommended in some car mags for storage by putting a bit down the carburetor. I don't do it on mine though.
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Poured several gallons of diesel into an '86 honda from a gas can--that sucker smoked like crazy when you got on the throttle for about a week!
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Never heard of adding ATF to #2 diesel?
Any truckers out there ran Boston-Montreal-Albany-Boston
in the winter back in the 70's who can verify this?
When Uncle said no more idling them all night (Clean Air Act),
we plugged them in and they STILL wouldn't go.
The ATF did something to the "flame point" I think they called it, but those things would start and they would run nicely

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