Fuel injector cleaners?


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Question Fuel injector cleaners?

I own a 1991 Ford f-150 pick-up.I was wondering your thoughts on fuel injector cleaners,say as berryman's brand,etc?
Do they help,and is there a good brand of them?How often do you need to use them?Thanks
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darrell McCoy
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Use a good quality gas and you should not need additives.
Continuous use of additives may lead to fuel pump failure. If you suspect injectors need cleaning have it done by a qualified tech.
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I totally agree. Use good quality fuel, change your fuel filter every 10k or so and there's no need for any additives.
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I like fuel injector cleaner, but its not a cure all, as the other guys suggest using good fuel and keeping your fuel system in top shape is best, the best cure is prevention. But having said that injector cleaner will clean mildly dirty injectors. Only use it about every 3000miles it can dry out the seals and cause them to degrade. If you think they are really bad it would be best to replace the injectors and start fresh. Because, injector cleaner will only clean mildly dirty injectors replacing you injectors might be what is needed.

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