Shakin when Brakin-Toyota 4Runner


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wood duck
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Unhappy Shakin when Brakin-Toyota 4Runner

I have a '95 Toyota 4Runner that shakes when I break to a stop. Not so much at low speeds but very noticable at 30 or above. I have had the tires rotated and balanced and front end alignment checked. I recently had the brakes replaced and told them to check the roters and they said they looked fine. Could the belts be separating in one of the tires? If so then how do I check for it?
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darrell McCoy
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Rotors may "look" fine but were they "checked" for warpage? If you suspect a tire, try rotating them, front to back. May be worn suspension parts.
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If it does it on braking, chances are your rotors are warped. Best to replace them with good US or Canadian aftermarket replacements or OEM rotors.

I agree with Darrell. You can't tell anything by looking at them.
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I think you have a rotor problem also.
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wood duck
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Rotors is what I thought was the problem but I would of figured a place that specialized in tires and brakes would of checked them properly when I specifically mentioned to check them. I think I will take it to a new place this week and see what they have to say about it.
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Do not but cheap mexico rotors--I replaced original 140k mile rotors that were not warped--just worn out with cheap rotors--know the car is "shakin when brakin".

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