accord ex 2002 door lock sound


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accord ex 2002 door lock sound

Kind of a dumb question but here it goes:

I have a Honda Accord (V6 EX Sedan 2002 Model). When I exit the car and close all the doors, I press the LOCK button (on the keychain remote control) to close all locks and activate the internal security. HERE the car, to notify me that the system has been activated, rings the horn for a tad bit like (beep). Very short and brief.

Now in my acura (RL) the sound isn't the horn, it's like an electric chime sort of like a (teet-teet). Very sweet!!

Is there any component in my car that I can modify or something I can purchase to make the same noise my Acura makes in the Accord instead of the horn? Is there a way I can tell the system not to ring the horn but to make the same noise the acura does when hitting hte lock button?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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No. Don't screw with the electronics or a perfectly working system. It is quite complex and there's no need to open up a can of worms on that.

That's the "difference" between a Honda and an Acura .
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Yes, I know, but is there a way I can do it and how?
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First off I agree with Joe it’s not worth messing with I would not risk it. But, having said that if you really want to it can be done. You will have to find the wiring diagrams for your car, figure out witch wire runs to the horn. Disconnect it and replace it with another sound making device that operates at the same supply power and input signal as the original wire. You will have to have the operating spec’s of the cars wiring system and the technical spec’s of the sound making device. You will also have to have a very sensitive multi meter (200$ at the very least) to make sure everything is operating in acceptable ranges. Or you could have an aftermarket alarm installed to get that “tweet-tweet” if it that important to you. Either way it’s a lot of trouble for a bird noise. Good luck on what ever you choose.
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As Matt states, it can be done. Should it? Absolutely not.

You will also likely void your new vehicle warranty by putzing around in there, so I would leave well enough alone.

I feel for you as GM has superseded the warning buzzer for my 79 Pontiac to a more "Chevy" sounding buzzer, but in my case, that's a simple plug in fix to find a used Poncho buzzer .

Not many people would notice, but I do .
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I allus say, if it aint broke dont fix it.

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