Automatic transmission problem


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Automatic transmission problem

I have a 1993 ford aerostar. It has 198,00 miles. It runs very good and has been well maintained. It has a 3.o liter engine. The only problem i have is the automatic transmission fluid runs out of the transmission when the outside temperature starts to get hot. (90 degrees ot over). Any other time it does not leak any transmission fluid at all and operates perfectally. I have installed an additional transmission cooler. It still spills fluid when the temperature begins to get hot. Any suggestions. I think it has to be related to the cooling system somehow.
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When you added the transmission cooler, is it hooked up separately or inconjuntion with the cooler in the rad??

Either way check for a plugged or restricted line/cooler line etc. and if any kinks in the lines. If handy to an air compressor disconnect lines and cooler to clear lines with the air and watch out for a mess. lol

Also, change the fluid & filter!!

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It should not spill fluid at all unless its over filed. I would bet you have a leak someplace that is evaporating or dripping off. Do you have any other symptoms dose it shift funny or slow?
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There are never any transmission problems except when it is leaking. It will then have a problem because of low fluid. I have been told there is a vent on the top of the transmission housing. I think the fluid gets too hot and literally boils over or builds too much pressure and blows out. It will do this only when the ambient temperature is above 90 degrees. I think the problem is associated with the higher temperature and maybe a problem with the internal cooling of the transmission fluid.

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