not starting on interstate


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Question not starting on interstate

My buddy has a 94 mits galant 2.4l 16valve sohc that died on the interstate. first we tried the obvious and put some gas in and that started it but there is a bad knocking in the engine and doesnt get good acceleration so i checked the oil it wasnt showing on the dipstick so he had it towed where they did the oil change they put oil in it it still knocks and started once but now cranks but wont start. its getting fuel,spark. What is the next thing i should look for or did the internal get to damaged?
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I am betting you did major damage by running it W/O oil. I would pull the heads and see if anything looks broke. If he runís it with the knock I would bet he would see total engine failure in short order, or he could get lucky but I doubt it.
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Sounds like a wasted engine, I agree. Rebuild time
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LOL u guys are funny no way are we going to put a new engine or rebuild it the car is trashed thanks for your help though and have a very good day.
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I suppose the Mitsubishi turned out to be a "zero" like those annoying commercials portray them to be. LOL.
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Does it have a bad oil leak? If not, I would look to the oil-change center for compensation. If it didn't leak or use the oil, it may have never been full in the first place.

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