engine overheating on 98 explorer


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engine overheating on 98 explorer

The other day at a stoplight I watched the engine temp gage rise to the point where the check engine light come on. I then put the heat on full blast and that dropped the temp pretty quickly to normal but still high range. For the rest of the day I noticed the temp was a lot higher than it normally is but would slowly rise when at a stoplight. I had to keep the heat on to keep the temp in the normal range. Could this be a bad thermostat? If not what else could it be?
The outside temp around here has been around 40deg F.

98 explorer
4.0 V-6 SOHC
Auto trans
63000 miles

Thanks for any help you can offer.
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Sounds like a stuck thermostat to me. But I'm far from an automotive expert.
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darrell McCoy
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assuming the coolant is at proper level, possibly a cooling fan malfunction, also Check radiator fins for any obstructions. As previously mentioned, bad thermostat. Thats the good news. Bad news is possibly leaking head gasket.
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engine overheating

I'm not an auto expert also. Had the same problem with my 97 Explorer last month. Opened the hood to check for any unusual things (leaking hoses, blocked radiator fins, screeching noise, etc.)
I guessed the obvious thing was the thermostat. Yes sir, the thermostat was stuck shut. With the help of the autolibrary.org I was able to remove and replace the bad thermostat - it was my first and it took me about 4 hours. It's working great now.
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I agree. Start with the stat..
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Just wanted to give an update....

I replaced the thermostat and now the car runs fine. No more overheating. It gets up to normal operating temperature just fine and the temp gauge needle stays steady well within the normal range.

Thanks everyone for your replies.
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Question Further questions

Hi all,

Will a bad thermostat in this vehicle cause any of the following:

a) transmission to shift to higher gear 'faster' than normal with the result of loss of power?
b) A/C, when turned on, to work and sometimes not work?

This is my first post on this forum and my search turned up this thread as being the closest to my current symptoms.


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Please make a separate post for your vehicle following the instructions in "Read Here Before Posting".
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Thanks Joe. I can lurk but I can't read
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Just hit "Ask new question" on the top of the forum page and post your problem and we'll attempt to answer it.

Using "Read Here Before Posting" as a guide to what information we will need to effect a better answer.

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