ABS Light on


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ABS Light on

I have a 1999 Chevy Malibu. About 2 months ago, the ABS light came on while I was driving. After consulting the manual, I turned off the car and allowed the system to reset. After that, the light came on as normal during start up and then went off. Last week after washing the car, I drove a couple of miles, then braked to turn and it came on again after I completed my turn and began accelerating. Everything has been fine until today when it came on while driving down the freeway. I turned off the car, the light stayed off for only a short time after I restarted it and began driving again. I made 2 more stops where I turned the car off, and after restarting it the light would come on once I resumed driving. The last time it took it a couple of miles before it came on again. There is not a certain speed that I reach when it comes on. And I can't think of anything that is the same each time it comes on. The brake light does not come on at all, just the ABS. I have had the brakes done a year ago. What could be the possible causes of this?
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There is alot involved in the ABS system and your better off taking it to the dealer for this. They have the proper equipment to diagnose your problem but it sounds like a wheel sensor. If so it shouldn't be so painful to repair.
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If it's a one piece wheel sensor 300-600$ depending on labor rate.
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WOW thats a little more painful than I thought.


Think positive "Maybe it's just bad connection"
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Have it checked professionally to determine fault.

Yes, it must be fixed. The ABS system is an integral part to the vehicle's braking system and requires someone with the tools and knowledge to fix it correctly.

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