1990 Dodge Daytona Wont Start


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Angry 1990 Dodge Daytona Wont Start

ok heres the problem, and what ive done already. the car turns over and im not getting any spark or gas to the fuel injectorand there is no codes except 55(end of codes).. i have replaced the following-(spark plugs and wires-ignition coil-pickup coil(which they call the hall effect sensor in the book)and the rotor.! I've checked the fuel pump-MAP sensor,they are o.k. then i turned over the engine and noticed the rotor was not turning i checked the timing belt its not broke.. should'nt the rotor turn when you crank the engine and if is, what would stop the rotor from turning.
if anyone knows somthing please e-mail me at

[email protected]

thank you!
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Yes, if the rotor is not turning you've found the problem [I'm assuming this is a cam-driven distributor set up].

Did you access the entire timing belt to check for a break? The break could be down low and still look intact if you only looked at the section on the cam gear.

Only other possibilities would be something like a sheared off key on the cam pulley or the distributor has failed. Cam could just flat out be broken, but that would be pretty rare.
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alot of times the belt will not be broke but the teeth will be sheared off of the belt usually at the crank sproket i would pull all the timing covers and turn the engine over by hand and see if that is the problem.
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Rotor not turning=timing belt likely wasted.

I agree with BeJay.

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