i got a jump


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i got a jump

i got a jump it started but the when it was left after that for about a half hour it needed a different jump. i drove it befor that fo about 20 min. then got home and it sat for about 1.5 hr and started again. saturday i went threw a big puddle could it have shorted my battery? could something be draining my battery? how can i know? cheapest way.
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Might have a bad belt, wasted alternator or bad battery.

Do an output check as I have it in my "The Basics" below.

The year, make, and model of the machine would be a collosal help.
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92 honda civic 2 door hatch back automatic with a 96 engie.
put new belts in this summer except altanator belt. i think it is loose could that be draining my battery? my brother checked the altanator and said it was good.
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Could also have been badly corroded battery terminals. The replacement bolt-on type ends are especially prone to this.
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how do i know if it is badly corroded batttery terminals?
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When you look at the battery, the terminal will be covered with a white, or bluish white material. If you see rust, that's a bad sign. The white stuff, and mild rust can be cleaned with a wire brush. Be sure to unhook the battery first!

I shorted out a battery one time by hitting a pothole. The car would run after a jump, but only after a jump. The alternator could power the car while it was running, but the battery couldn't hold a charge after that.

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I agree.
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If your battery is dead and your alternator is trying to charge it back, you could also kill your alternator by burning it up. That is why some heavy duty trucks come with dual rectifiers in there alternators. You can also clean terminalís with sodium bicarbonate.
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probably the easiest and cheapest way to figure out this problem is to drive in to autozone or your local parts stores

they should all have volt meters there. Have them check what kind of volts they are getting at the battery posts WHILE the car is running. If it is less than mid 13's or so, it is likely your alternator/regulator. If you are getting 13/14 volts WHILE it is running, then have the battery tested, as that is the likely culprit.

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