Vehicle Choice


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Vehicle Choice

Just wondering what vehicles the regulars own and collect and why they chose that vehicle to drive or collect. I will start. I have a 02 BMW X5 with the 4.6L motor. This is my wifeís car we chose it because it was sporty but comfortable at the same time, and we like the BMW build quality. I also have a 77í Ĺ Ton International Harvester 4x4 Pick-Up, I love there trucks because they will not die, they are rare and they are no longer made. I also have a 72 Chevrolet 4x4 Blazer, I have always liked this body style and you can swap in late model parts that make it very affordable to upgrade and repair. I have a International Harvester Scout Pickup frame sitting just weighing for a build. OK, now itís everyone elseís turn letís here it!!!
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1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale Brougham 307 V8 Coupe. 144k, still going. Got it for free in 1996 from my uncle. He bought it new. Amazing car.

1989 Cavalier 2.0L. My grandfather's car originally. Got it for free last year.

1980 Turbo 301 Trans Am, father bought it for my mom in 1980 for their 15th wedding anniversary. 26k original.

1979 10th Anniversary 400 4 speed Trans Am. 57k original. My graduate school present to myself for finishing early with a nearly 4.0 grade point average.

1980 Trans Am with '77 400 and performance goodies. I think I stopped a divorce from happening by taking this car from my coworker's neighbor .

1982 Oldsmobile Toronado---my first car (well one of them), which I restored after a theft in 1990.

The 1979 and first 1980 T/A mentioned will be features in Veloce Publishings "The History of the Firebird" by Marc Cranswick due out this year .
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1972 ford Maverick 2 door 302 v8

1986 mustang gt convertible
1986 mustang gt hatchback--current street/strip project/fun car

in the family we have:

1964 dodge dart-225 slant 6 with 4 speed stick.

1966 plymouth valiant convertible--70% restored and going

1973 toyota celica--dual overhead cam 4 banger with dual sidedraft carbs, fartpipe exhaust, fender flares etc, suspension/sway bars etc--pretty trippy car

and the usual barrage of transportation vehicles
2k jetta (wifes)
03 dodge convertible (moms)
96 civic (bros)
91 mustang convertible 4 banger (sisters)
97 mustang 6 banger ( sisters)

You can tell I am a 302 powered ford and mustang geek, and in general we like american cars
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In highschool back in the 80's my best friend had a 72' Maverick 302 w/3 on the tree. Looked like a royal piece of crap but was one of the fastest cars around.

Right now mines a 73 SS Nova 350 W/202 camelhumps 4 speed Muncie. 5 different colors of primer right now but lots of fun.

Also the regular T&C mini-van and a Corsica
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I forgot about one, because we never drive it. A 95 sunfire, the thing gets good gas milage is cheap to keep running and has A/C. If I ever need to run to the store when i have my trucks in serveral pices and the wife is not home, i all ways have the "Sun Chicken" to run get a part. In fact this might be the most noble of my cars and trucks, it dose a thinkless job, that at the same time is very important.
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That's true . I forgot about my mother's 1993 Saturn SL2. LOL.

I had a chance at obtaining for free, my uncle's 1991 Bonneville SE, fully loaded with a sunroof. I was going to drive it for a summer, see how I liked it decide whether to keep it or flip it and bank the money. (My uncle just wanted it out of there---wasn't being used).

I fixed it a few times in the past and it was a little rough so I passed. However, it got better as I got into it a bit and started doing TLC, so in hindsight, it just would have been a little insurance, gas, and maintenance. LOL
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what to drive

1998 Subaru Forester. Hauls like a truck, rides like a car, all time all wheel drive, pretty much a bulletproof little unit, wife' primary car.
2003 Nissan Maxima. First Nissan we've owned since my 1971 Datsun pickup. Real torquee, 255 HP, will lite up the tires like the 56 Chevy, 283/220 HP V8 I had, after high school, before military.
1992 Mazda Miata. This is my "middle aged crazy" gift to myself for working hard. It has the best features of old British sports cars, cute, fun, wind in the hair etc, without the things that made those cars so frustrating, oil and water leaks, intermittent (Lucas) electrical system, parts that spontaneously disassembe.
Other great cars we have owned in the past
1968 Mustang, when she was single
1968 BMW 1600, forerunner to the 2002 and 325 series
1968, (station wagon) 1966 (panel truck) and 1971 (Cooper S) Mini. The original one, not the ones that they started making last year.
1973 BMW 2002 tii. 90 MPH in 3rd gear, top end of about 155. Fortunately I lived in Germany for many of the above

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