stuck fuel gauge


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Question stuck fuel gauge

I have a 1998 GMC Suburban. Recently my fuel gauge has become stuck on the full side of the gauge. Any ideas as to how I might go about fixing this problem? If it is a float please advise as to how to locate and fix.
Thank you for your help
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Check the ground on top of the tank for soundness and that it is not disconnnected.

Barring that, probably a bad float in the tank.
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The float is in the tank, you have to drop the tank to get to it. I would make sure that was it before you dropped it, half the time you drop a fuel tank it ends up a big mess. Fuel senders operate on resistance of the sender, if the circuit is grounding out at anyplace along it, it would give the gauge an infinite resistance signal, there for you would have a full tank signal, because infinite resistance is higher than the 90ohm full rating of your sender. This is basically the long winded of saying I agree with Joe.

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