Stuck Sparkplug


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Angry Stuck Sparkplug

I have a 1991 Mazda.I had trouble getting it to start,so I decided to check the Sparkplugs,I removed 3,but the 4th. is really stuck,and doesn't want to come out,it seems to be seized pretty bad.I don't want to put to much pressure in fear of braking it,and causing some of the broken parts to end up down inside the engin.Is there anything I can do to help free it up????
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Spray it good with WD40 and PBlaster and see if it comes out. Might have been crossthreaded in the past.
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Work the plug back and forth, after using liquid wrench on it. If you break it you can always drill it out, put in thread savers and tap it again. Some time heating the area with a torch expands the metal enough to get it out. Or you could put it back together and drive the car until itís hot and then try to remove that plug as soon as you get home.
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True, but I wouldn't risk wasting the thread like that with the engine hot.

Original poster: What are you using to take it out? A 1/2" drive rachet should whip it right out, or a breaker bar with a pipe on the end should do it.
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Cool Stuck Sparkplug.

Thanks:Joe-F,and Weld God,for your tips.I will try them both,just as soon as the weather permits me to do so.I really appreciate it.

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