Bad CV joint?


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Bad CV joint?

Hey everyone! I've got a question...

I drive a 1994 Eagle Talon Es, 2.0 DOHC, Non Turbo, Fwd

Here's my problem...

1) Steering wheel jerks back and forth a good 1" both ways at speed. Worse at slower speeds, not as noticable, but there, at hwy speeds(60+)

2) Passenger side wheel has 1/2" play either way when grabbed and rocked side to side. It takes no effort at all to move it side to side. No play up and down, and only the rotor and small shaft that leads to the cv boot(out cv joint?) moves... I'm not sure that's what it's call

Is this a worn cv joint? Could this be a wheel bearing? Suspension?

I don't know, I haven't had much experience with FWD components, although I'm sure I can do it myself. I'm used to driving RWD trucks and older cars.

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sounds llike you have a bad tierod causing excessive play in the passenger side wheel i would suggest taking to an alignment shop and having it fixed and aligned, you may also have a bad tire but the alignment shop should be able to determine that for you to.
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Geez, I was so fixated on the cv joints I never even considered the tie rod ends... which it is btw. The steering knuckle moves, but the tie rod end just sits there looking bored. Guess I'll be replacing both of them pretty quick, then head down to the alignment shop.

The tires aren't perfect, no bubbles, broken belts or anything, but starting to show some balding. They'll suffice until I have the money to replace them with some decent ones.

Thanks for the info, Bejay.

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Does sound like wasted tie rods. Get it fixed without delay.
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Definately. I had a '96 Sonoma that broke a lower ball joint, and that was pretty nasty. I don't want a repeat! Seeing my nice truck sitting in the middle of a parking lot with the front driver's tire laying flat underneath it. It didn't give any warning until the joint's stud broke off.

The whole front suspension and steering was messed up, along with the body panels. I replaced the one balljoint that broke, both shocks, and took it to a local car dealer 2 days later to get rid of it. My wife didn't feel safe driving it after that, and I didn't have the money to put into it to fix everything right.


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