Saab water leak


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Question Saab water leak

1984 Saab 900 Turbo. 4 cylinder, 16 valve.

(I'm fuzzy on how turbos work, so I don't know how accurate my description will be.)

My friend's car seems to have a water leak. His mechanic told him he's losing water due to bad head gasket. Plugs are good and clean, oil is dirty - but no signs of water. Radiator reservoir shows no signs of oil presence. I'm thinking it's not head gasket. Motor runs smooth as a kitten, too. I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with the mighty Saab motor? There is steam coming out of a 'junction' where the turbo somehow hooks up with the exhaust manifold. Any thoughts?
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I know that sometimes the head gasket or even a crack in the head will leak directly into the exaust port. The shop will pressurize the cooling system and let it sit a few minutes then start the car and it'll smoke white. That's the water boiling off from leaking into the exaust port. He may very well have the leak they are claiming. If you doubt them get 2nd opinion at best a SAAB dealer.
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I agree. Any competent shop should be able to determine where the problem is though.

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