Stall Problem 2.0 l GM


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Stall Problem 2.0 l GM

I changed the transmission filter and fluid today. After 20 miles engine wants to die when placed in gear. Engine has lost horse power. Car rolls fine. 1989 Buick skyhawk 2.0 w/ 3 sp automatic.
Noticed heater damper does not change as if vacuum is gone and engine revs a little high.
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check vacum lines for leaks and or breaks around engine which could be causing your vacum controls not to function,
you can try disconnecting the square plugin on the side of the transmission facing the front of the car to see if it still dies in gear after driving if it doesnt likley a sticking tcc solenoid.
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Tranny issue: Wasted TCC solenoid. Disconnect as BeJay suggested. Fixing it will likely cost more than the car could be worth. LOL.

Heater issue: May have a bad vacuum wheel on the back of the control head or other vacuum problems.
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Thanks, I found a vacuum hose came off from the intake manifold next to the transmission dipstick. All is fine now. I just bought this car is for a youngster learning to drive for $200. This will be the 3rd child learning on a beater. I have found this works very well especially if there is an accident, then off to the bone yard with no hard feelings. Thanks Again!!

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