99 Taurus Transmission


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Question 99 Taurus Transmission

My Taurus with 57,000 miles has recently exhibited some tranny quirks. Only when hot ( having driven more than 50 miles) it occasionally will hesitate from low to second after a near stop.
If I stop completely for about 5 or more seconds, it works fine.
Also when in stop and go traffic, the car seems to speed up when shifting from 2nd to low, but not always.
I had the fluid flushed at about 45,000 miles and when I got home from the dealer I had to drain about two quarts to read properly on the dipstick. The trans performs fine in all other situations.
Thanks, Randy
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These trannies are junk. They fail and have multiple problems just like their earlier counterparts. 45k is WAY too long for a tranny fluid change (25k on the dot, every time).

If you feel the dealer overfilled it, bring it to their attention, but you might want to check Alldata.com for any known bulletins (you're likely to find many) on this model and tranny.
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57,000 is way too long for sure and you may want to check and see what fluid they used. Personally I only use 100% synthetic fluid (PAO Based). Check the specs on the fluid if you choose to go this route. If it says anything in the Material Data sheet about Parrafin or contains the word "hydro" anywhere, it is not a TRUE 100% Synthetic.

Loved when I was confronted at a trade show by 2 Castrol Reps and they got all tongue tied when I hit them with that fact on their Castrol SynTec... They couldn't get away fast enough..

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