A Few Questions


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A Few Questions

No that I have fixed the temperature gauge a have a few questions. This is the same ’92 Ford Ranger with 209,000 miles on it as my temperature sensor thread. It has developed an intermittent buzz sound coming from under the truck. I can’t get it to make the sound while running in the driveway, it only does it every once in a while accelerating. It sounds like a lose piece of sheet metal rattling and it only lasts about 1 second each time. I crawled under and checked for anything lose but no luck. I am thinking maybe its something coming lose inside the catalytic converter or exhaust muffler. Any ideas?

The other thing I was wondering was how much drag disk brakes should have. I am wondering what the signs of a stuck caliper would be. If you turn the rotor without the wheel installed should it stop at about ½ turn later?
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more than likely an exhaust problem causing noise might suggest having an exhaust shop look it over see if they see anything loose.
usually a sticking caliper or bad brake hose will almost always cause the vehicle to pull some when braking and a 1/2 turn sounds about normal with the wheel off.
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The rattle is most likely a heat sheild on the exhaust. We have an 89 with 250,000 something miles on it & every time we have heard the rattle you described it has been loose or cracked heat sheilds. We have fixxed them by tightening them up with hose clamps and or by slightly bending the metal to lessen contact with other parts
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I agree with both posters.
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Thank you

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