These "NEW" Coolants


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These "NEW" Coolants

I have two '01 Chryslers with this "NEW" coolant. In the JEEP I topped off the overflow bottle with Prestone premixed (green) coolant. The Durango is all OEM.


1) Did I do any damage to the JEEP's cooling system by using the green stuff? I plan on changing it immediately. It has been about 5,000 miles since the addition of approximately one quart.

2) How is this stuff different? What is so special about it?

3) What makes it different from GM's DEXCool?

4) Can I use the "NEW" Coolant in older vehicles designed for green coolant?


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darrell McCoy
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I would drain and flush the system ASAP. Install the correct coolant, no I dont think you will have caused that much of a problem. Again flush ASAP.
Newer coolant is formulated to be more compatible with the components that make up the cooling system.
I dont know as there is any difference with any "pink" antifreeze, Havoline makes a coolant that is compatible with dex-cool.
Boils down to just one thing, use only what manufacture recommends. Applys to any vehicle regardless of age.
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I agree. Only stick with what the OEM recommends. Dexcool in an older car with the "green stuff" is an "Upgrade", but on newer cars it is required, not optional.
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Thanks guys! I am on my wat to Auto Palace now to pick up a coupla-few gallons of the ZEREX G-05 that is supposed to be compatible with the Chrysler products.

I will do a complete flush... besides, I have a new vacuum refiller tool that needs playing with!

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Oil Doc
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Dex-Cool and other "permanent" type anti-freezes are NOT compatible with any other type anti-freeze. I have several dealerships that I service and even they rarely put permanent type anti freeze back into a system, unless under warranty, where there has been a problem. If there is the slightest air leak into the system, a bad cap, water pump seal, bad gasket, anything where the system can draw air through as it cools can cause gelling.

We have seen this in cars with as little as 30,000 miles on it, still under warranty and the dealer put regular anti-freeze in it. This dealer shall remain nameless as the car was under warranty and they are not allowed to do that, but they have seen too many problems in that area.

I personally prefer Enviromentally safe anti-freeze such as AMSOIL's
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