Brakes on 1999 Chevy Silverado


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Brakes on 1999 Chevy Silverado

I just test drove a 1999 Chevy Silverado 4X4 pickup, the newer style with 4 wheel disc brakes. The brakes feel real soft and there's a lot of travel on the pedal. The salesman said that was normal. They brakes do work fine and will stop the truck at any speed. I looked at the pads and they are all plenty thick. But, they sure do feel funny. They feel like they need to be bled out, but no brake indicator light comes on. Is this normal?
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I did some reading via an internet search and found a couple reviews that said "Brake response is excellent, and pedal travel has been greatly reduced." So, this implies the 1999 trucks should be better than the 1998, which is not what I determined from my test driving.

Here's the paragraph:

For 1999, the Chevy Silverado introduces more firsts, including:
Standard four-wheel disc brakes on all models, including half-tons. Four-wheel discs are known for durability and excellent stopping power, especially when combined with Silverado's Dynamic Rear Proportioning system.
Dynamic Rear Proportioning. Silverado's brake sense load changes electronically and automatically adjust the required amount of braking to the rear wheels for optimum balance. The competition still uses a traditional hydraulic system.
The largest calipers, pads and rotors in the industry for incredible stopping power.
Longer life components. Silverado's new braking system could provide up to four times the normal brake pad life, depending on conditions.
Twin pistons on front discs for added strength, durability and stopping power. The pistons are larger than those used by the competition.
A noticeable difference in brake pedal feel and feedback. In brake pedal feel tests, the new Silverado ranked higher than many competitors, and ahead of cars from BMW and Lexus. Brake response is excellent, and pedal travel has been greatly reduced.

Here's the link:
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The brakes should stop well and be firm and confident. There is likely something wrong with them.

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