93 Ford Mustang 2.3l 4cylinder


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93 Ford Mustang 2.3l 4cylinder

Last summer I changed the timing belt, gears moved, I moved the timing back to the timing mark. Drove from SA, TX to Florida, with no problems. On arrival, driving on normal city streets, the car would hesitate (fluttered) when I would press the gas. I would have to softly press the gas and the car would gradually take off and reach desired speed. Since then, I have taken the car to "Pep-Boys" without resolution. They found no troubles since none of the engine light indicators are on. They tested with their computer analysis and checked fuel pressure. So the car has been parked for 2 months. This weekend I replaced the O2Sensor (oxygen sensor) and the fuel pressure regulator. The symptoms are still the same. The car hesitates to start (mostly in the cold and sometimes at normal temperatures). Sounds like there is backfire. When I drive the car; I have to step on the gas softly to keep it from fluttering/hesitating. I believe it might be a fuel/air prolem. Can anyone help on this? Thanks.
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Start with both Autolibrary.org below and my "The Basics" post below.

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