1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo


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1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo

My Jeep is a 5.2L V-8 all time 4x4. Turning sharply in a parking lot the Jeep skips or bounces. I've been told that's what Jeeps do. I've also been told the CV axle joints are bad. Any suggestions would help. Thank you and go MARINES!!!
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Oil Doc
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C-V Joints will usually make a click-click-click sound when making a corner if they are bad. This is caused by the ball wearing a spot in the center of where it rides in the elongated slot in the cage. Then when you turn it keeps going from side to side in the slot over the wear point causing the clicking.

If the Jeep is equipped with Limeted-Slip or Posi, it could be as simple as the wrong fluid or the fluid needs to be changed as the additive package has worn out.

If it does have Limeted-Slip or Posi, after changing the fluid, take it to the abandoned K-Mart lot, do a series of tight figure 8's to the left and right, forward and reverse. This allows the clutch discs to get the new fluid with the Posi Additive to work into the friction material..

Hope it is as simple as that but there are other things that could be wrong too.
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I agree with oil doc, sounds like a traction aid, if you do have a track lock, they are noisy to begin with.

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